Remarkable Accelerator Demo Day
From wearable rehabilitation robots to Australia’s first audio tourism platform, join us to celebrate our 2022 cohort of eight incredible startups at our virtual Demo Day event!

Event Details

The left-half features a purple and pink background with white CPA and CPARL logos in top corners, underneath is white text 2022 [Remarkable Logo] Accelerator Demo Day’ and at the bottom are the logos of Remarkable's six partners. The right-half features a white background and the logos of the eight startups in Remarkable’s 2022 cohort.

This event marks the conclusion of our 16-week accelerator program and is an opportunity to hear from each founder about how they’re harnessing the power of technological innovation to drive the inclusion of people with disability.

Since transitioning to an online, global accelerator we’ve been adapting our traditionally in-person Demo Day events to create the most accessible and impactful experience for all involved. But you might be wondering what exactly is involved in this virtual Demo Day?

This year, to accommodate the time zones of our global cohort (based in Australia, United States and the United Kingdom), we’ll be hosting two virtual screenings of the 2022 startup pitches, followed by a chance to network. The startup founders will be looking for everything from investment, to new customers and network connections and everything in between!  

Screening 1 Date/Time

This screening accommodates the timezone of Australian-based startups.

20 July, 12:00pm AEST ☀️ 

19 July, 7:00pm PT 🌙

19 July, 10:00pm EST 🌙

20 July, 3:00am BST 🌙

Screening 2 Date/Time

This screening accommodates the time zones of US and UK-based startups.

20 July, 10.00am PT ☀️ 

20 July, 1:00pm EST ☀️ 

20 July, 6:00pm BST 🌙

21 July, 3:00am AEST 🌙


At all Remarkable events we provide an opportunity prior to the beginning and throughout for participants to request accessibility requirements. At a minimum Remarkable will be providing: Closed captioning, sign interpretation and audio description.

Other accommodations can be requested outside of those listed above. We encourage all attendees to contact Remarkable to discuss what requirements are needed to ensure an equal experience for all.