support AND SEED FUNDING to accelerate the growth of tech startups positively impacting people with disability and driving inclusion.

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Remarkable Accelerator Program

Our 16-week accelerator program equips startups with seed funding and the knowledge, skills and tools needed to become commercially viable businesses that have a positive social impact.



CURATED LEARNING JOURNEY: 16 x weekly masterclasses, sprints and deep dives to support the startup learning journey covering product-market-fit, go-to-market strategy and investment and sustainability.

WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY: Helping the progress of startups move faster and focus on the critical things that will grow their startup.

ACCESS TO USER TESTING: Startups get access to Remarkable’s diagnostic tool and gives them access to paid user testers and testing support.

DEMO DAY: At the conclusion of the program startups with present their refined pitches to 450+ investors, partners and industry connections at Demo Day. 


SEED FUNDING: $75,000 cash for 5% equity. We will match previous investment terms if startups have already raised.

SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY: Helping startups explore various forms of capital or sustainable growth and grant funding opportunities.

PERKS: Get access to thousands of dollars of free perks through Remarkable’s partners including cloud storage credits, pro bono legal and much, much more.


ACCESS TO LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS: This includes connections with an array of industries including the disability, startup and government sectors. As well as connections internationally with ecosystems in Africa, India, UK, China, Canada, US and New Zealand. 

MENTOR NETWORK: Access to a community of mentors with a variety of expertise such as branding, accessing the NDIS, hardware manufacturing, human resources, to name a few. 

DISABILITY MARKET ACCESS: Embed best practice and connect you to disability sector experts (including Cerebral Palsy Alliance)


STARTUP COACHES: Weekly accountability, support and coaching from your personal startup coach.

WEEKLY COACHING FROM STARTUP EXPERTS: Masterclasses and connection to world class teachers and trainers.



Demonstrated impact on people with disability, either through targeted design solutions, or products that are universally designed. Addressing problems at the intersection of disability, health and ageing, focused on:

  • autonomous mobility
  • fast and natural communication including BCI 
  • upskilling and reskilling people with disability and the future of work
  • smart and connected communities, cities and homes 
  • early intervention
  • low cost assistive tech


Remarkable is looking for post-product, post-revenue startups, but startups may not have experienced massive revenue or growth yet.


We look for hardware or software technology that has the possibility of being scaled. We like founders with global aspirations.


Remarkable wants to push the boundaries of technology – we’re not looking for copies of technology already in-market. What makes the startup unique? What makes the startup remarkable?


What does the program look like

The 16 week program begins in March and ends in July.


Ali wearing a long navy sweater and positioned in a white studio seated in his wheelchair.

Accessercise | 2022 Demo Day Pitch

Presenter: Ali Jawad, Co-Founder and Director of Accessercise. Startup: Accessercise is the first complete fitness app created specifically for people with disability. https://youtu.be/-Z_81d50fGA Transcript [00:23 –

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Keoke in black Participant t-shirt in white studio setting

Participant | 2022 Demo Day Pitch

Presenter: Keoke King, CEO and Co-Founder of Participant Assistive Products. Startup: Participant Assistive Products is democratizing high-quality assistive products and putting them within reach of

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Christian in black RecoveryVR t-shirt in white studio setting

RecoveryVR | 2022 Demo Day Pitch

Presenter: Christian Doran, CEO and Founder of RecoveryVR. Startup: RecoveryVR provides a fun and engaging, medication-free, virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab

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Find our frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions please email us at ra22@remarkable.org.au

Application process and requirements

EOI will remain open until January 10 2021. Please use the EOI form to let us know you are thinking about applying but perhaps are not ready to submit your application just yet. In completing our EOI form you agree to being sent updates about the program and potential support offerings with you application.

Applications close on Sunday, 23rd January, 2022 at 11:59 PM AEDT
We will accept applications from individuals and teams. If applying as an individual, please consider how you will continue running your business as well as managing the program deliverables. Have a think about if you can engage some volunteers or interns to support by running of parts of your business to give you some support.

Please submit your application on Gust online platform (link out)

For any accessibility requirements to assist in your application please contact ra22@remarkable.org.au

This document is a downloadable template to guide your application. The questions in the Remarkable #RA22 Application Template are in addition to general questions required: names, contact details and LinkedIn profiles.

*Please note that the Remarkable #RA22 Application Template should serve as a template only. You will need to complete your final application online.

Remarkable #RA22 Application Template (PDF)

Remarkable #RA22 Application Template (Word Doc)

Yes, if you’ve already raised capital, we will match terms of your last investment.
Remarkable works with both not for profits and for profit (for purpose) businesses. Up until now, 95% of startups we’ve worked with have been for profit enterprises.


Stage 1 – The Application

  • More information on the Remarkable Accelerator Program can be found at https://remarkable.org.au/accelerator/
  • Direct any related questions to ra22@remarkable.org.au
  • Applications close Sunday, 23rd January, 2022 at 11:59 PM AEDT

Stage 2 – Screening

  • Screening of applications
  • Friday 11th February 2022 Selection Panel meets to review applications
  • Monday 14th February 2022 – Bootcamp invitations send to selected teams
  • Saturday 19th February 2022 – Half day online attendance at Bootcamp

Stage 3 – Notification

  • Post Bootcamp – teams are notified on Monday 21st February, 2022
  • Finalisation and notification of #RA22 startups

*timing may vary

Applications Open

Monday, 11th October, 2021 – Sunday, 23rd January, 2022 11:59 PM AEDT

All times outlined are in AEDT/AEST and all events are held virtually.


Saturday, 19th February, 2022 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Kickstart Day 1

Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Kickstart Day 2

Wednesday, 23rd March, 2022 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Program midpoint regroup

Tuesday, 17th May, 2022 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Demo Day

Tuesday, 19th July, 2022 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

You will be notified on Monday 21st February, 2022.
Startups will be informed of their acceptance into Remarkable #RA22 program after Bootcamp which is held on Saturday 19th February 2022.

Startup requirements

Any pain point or barrier that someone with disability experiences. You might like to think about areas like Mobility, Communication, Technology for Work, Adaptive Sporting Equipment, Smarter Homes and Communities and Independent Living. If you’ll like clarification if the problem you’re solving is relevant, have a conversation with us.
No, there are many incredible technologies used by people living with cerebral palsy, such as the powered wheelchair, the smartphone or tablet that also have universal application for a wider range of people. This is what we are looking for, game changing technologies that have a big impact on all people with disability, including cerebral palsy.
Whilst having an MVP is part of the criteria for the Remarkable program, this will be determined on a case by case basis. We would encourage submission of your application.

Program offering

Our accelerator program targets Australian-based startups working the disability tech space, however overseas applications who may like to enter the Australian market are also accepted, but should take into account time zone differences.
No. The program targets Australian-based startups and we encourage startups from across Australia to apply. The program will be held online. There may be a small number of contact points during the program where founders are invited to attend in-person in Sydney.
Yes, we will be carrying out our program virtually for #RA22.
Each week in the program will bring new knowledge, new connections and accountability. A typical week will include a Monday cohort check-in for 30 minutes. Tuesdays are typically set aside for a 2 – 3 hours for learning through a short masterclass and a workshop to apply some of that learning. Outside of these contact times founders can expect to spend a further 3 hours meeting with mentors, facilitators and the wider team at Remarkable who are on hand to support founders on their journeys.
Our 14 week accelerator program equips early-stage startups with seed funding and the knowledge, skills and tools needed to become commercially successful businesses that have a positive social impact. After setting the foundations we will take founders on a journey from product market fit, business models, go to market strategy and finally onto ensuring the startups are sustainable post program and investor ready. After 14 in-depth weeks of learning and growth all startups will have the chance to pitch in front of a host of stakeholders and investors during Remarkable Demo Day.

No, this is an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and included.

Our program is a safe and innovative space for people across every gender, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation and disability. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you require assistance accessing our program or application. You can reach us at ra22@remarkable.org.au

No, it does not cost to be part of the Remarkable accelerator program. The accepted startups will be provided with funding.
Remarkable Startup Bootcamp is the final step in the application process. It is a half-day program run with the shortlist of potential startups for the accelerator cohort. This is our chance to see founders in action, understand how suited they are to the Remarkable program and how best Remarkable can potentially support them throughout the program. This is also an opportunity for founders to see if the program is right for them.
Remarkable Kickstart is a two-day immersive where the new cohort will come together along with facilitators, mentors and the Remarkable team to set the foundations for the following 14 week program. Founders can expect to network, become familiar with the disability landscape, learn what it takes to build a successful startup and how to make the most out of the program.
It’s recommended to allow 20 hours or more per week across the 14 week program. Some of this time will be direct contact during masterclasses and mentorship sessions, the rest is expected to be self work.

Yes, we will ensure our program meets the needs of the founders. Prior to kickstart all startups will meet with the Remarkable team to set the foundations for the program and find ways to best serve the accessibility needs of all founders. If you have specific questions regarding accessing the #RA22 program, please reach out to the Remarkable team ra22@remarkable.org.au

Remarkable Support

We have resources on Remarkable YouTube channel, read our blog stories or to learn more join us at one of our events, details on our website events page.

If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ section please feel free to submit your question directly to the Remarkable team by completing this form or by emailing ra22@remarkable.org.au.

Remarkable has a great network of individuals with lived experience of disability who founders will be introduced to during the program. There are formal opportunities to have trained user testers (paid by Remarkable) involved in the development and testing of your product/service.
Yes. Remarkable has a fantastic network of organisations in the disability sector. Founders will be introduced to service providers and other relevant contacts during the program, including Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
Yes, we believe this is one of our super-powers – Remarkable prides itself on being part of an industry leading organisation – Cerebral Palsy Alliance. And we have great partnerships with many other organisations within the Disability and startup sectors.
Yes, we love the intersection between disability, ageing and health. We look for applicability to the disability sector and we often find that there is quite a bit of overlap with the aged care market.
Yes, it’s another one of Remarkable’s super powers is our growing network of investors. During the program Remarkable will introduce founders to potential stakeholders and investors on a number of occasions. In particular there are two sessions, one half way through the program and again at Demo Day that are specifically set up for this.

Further Questions

Ask the Remarkable team a question directly using the question submission form or send an email to ra22@remarkable.org.au.

Jessica King Fellowship

Launching in 2022, the Jessica King Fellowship gives aspiring entrepreneurs with disability (EwD) – or even those intrigued by entrepreneurship, the opportunity to explore the world of startups.

Would you like to become a remarkable Mentor?

Each cohort of Remarkable’s accelerator includes 7-10 startups which are supported by a team of expert mentors and coaches. The contributions of these volunteers are key to the growth of these startup founders over the 16 week program.

If you don’t have a reason to apply for the Remarkable accelerator program but still would like to make a difference then we encourage you to apply to be a mentor or coach for our upcoming cohort.



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