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1 00:00:00,880 — 00:00:05,440

2020 has challenged our economy, 

our health, and our resolve

A woman sitting in a chair holding her hands.

A close up of a person’s hands rolling their wheelchair forward.

A person with a dark brown beard lifts their gaze from looking down at the floor.

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We’ve experienced an unforgettable 

year and we’ve been reminded

A close up of a woman wearing glasses staring directly forward. 
3 00:00:11,840 — 00:00:16,000

that our world is not as inclusive

as we’d hoped.

A man using a cane walks to a chair positioned in the centre of a white studio to take a seat.
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The previously normal way of life is

long gone but for the

A car park with one car parked. 

A man with dark brown hair, light blue business shirt and leather satchel is walking through his office.

A man with dark brown hair and a black sweater is seated at an office desk working on a laptop. 

The back of a woman’s head walking through an office. 

5 00:00:19,520 — 00:00:21,040 one in five Australians living with  A close up of a person holding a video on their iphone displaying an experience walking with a cane on a street and being stopped by an unexpected gate.
6 00:00:21,040 — 00:00:24,000

disability this previous 

world was full of barriers.

A man using a wheelchair comes to a holt on a footpath and pulls a backpack off and swings it around to his front.
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So we are calling on remarkable humans,

from engineers to doctors.

A close up of a man doing rehabilitation on a walking frame at a physio clinic. 

The back of a woman who is wearing a purple Remarkable branded t-shirt. 

A woman using a motorised wheelchair is smiling while talking to other people in an office setting. 

An Engineer designing a prototype on a 3D printed mould of a human head. 

Doctor with a stethoscope draped around his neck presenting a pitch for a medical device to save newborn babies.

8 00:00:29,520 — 00:00:34,400

From ideators to changemakers.

From people at the start of their journey

Animation of an app designed to improve speech therapy using a frog themed game. 

Elderly woman using a VR headset smiling. 

Man working on a design of a model in a studio. 

Two people discussing notes that have been written on a whiteboard.

9 00:00:34,400 — 00:00:36,720 to those with existing products.

Phone screen displaying an app for people with spinal cord injuries receiving rehabilitation. 

A man with cerebral palsy using a headset device to allow for independent decision making. 

Male friend pushing his friend who is a wheelchair user across the sand of a beach using a tyre attachment to allow for off road adventures. 

10 00:00:36,720 — 00:00:40,160

To anyone passionate about removing 

barriers for people with disability

A young boy living with disability takes his first steps off his lounge to hug his family. 
11 00:00:40,800 — 00:00:44,480 Apply now for our SYD21 program and join A cursor navigating the Remarkable website expression of interest submission landing page. 
12 00:00:44,480 — 00:00:45,680 our remarkable community. A montage of people in the Remarkable community smiling in front of a Remarkable branded pull up banner. 
13 00:00:46,400 — 00:00:51,760

This new way of life isn’t set in stone

 so be part of our mission to redesign

Montage of recent Remarkable alumni standing in a white studio smiling. 
14 00:00:51,760 — 00:00:54,560 an inclusive and accessible new normal.
15 00:00:54,560 — 00:00:57,600 Apply now for SYD21 A black screen with white font that reads ‘Apply now for #SYD21, Applications close January 28, 2021 https://remarkable.org.au/accelerator/ #RemarkableChangemaker’
16 00:00:57,600 — 00:01:01,067 and be the changemaker our world needs. A black screen with a white Remarkable #SYD21 logo and Cerebral Palsy logo.


We accelerate disability tech
start ups.

We’re here for founders and ideators to fuel their vision, develop disability tech, gain seed funding and build their business.


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Remarkable accelerates startups making a difference for people with disability.


(more than 1.3 billion globally)

The rapidly accelerating rate of technological innovation has tremendous potential to reduce barriers for people with disability and become a powerful driver of inclusion.

But despite advances in technology, social reform & impact investment, they continue to face significant barriers to participation in everyday life.

“People with disability are severely under-represented in reaping the benefits of digital technologies as both producers and consumers.”

Right now there is significant opportunity to leverage technological innovation to drive an inclusive future.

Remarkable harnesses technology to build social and economic inclusion of people with disability. We accelerate disability-tech startups through our 14-week accelerator program. And initiate innovation through events like Enabled by Design-athon.



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