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Enabled by Design-athon

September 2018

Enabled by Design-athon is a dynamic 2-day entrepreneurial education accelerator designed to create an inclusion mindset. Participation and inclusion are basic human rights and are the most significant human rights issues identified by people with a disability living in Australia today. This event brings teams together to solve problems of inclusion through an inclusive design process.

The event will equip participants with a mindset, a memory and a process to design the greatest products and services for the greatest number of people. Participants will be equipped with design thinking and lean startup tools to put inclusion into practice. In doing so, you will attract and retain the best people in the race for talent.

Sydney disability-tech Meetups

Next Meetup: August 2018

(We’re in the midst of our 2018 Accelerator program and will recommence our meetups in August).

This meetup is a way for innovators and entrepreneurs in the disability space to learn from catalytic practitioners, to practice pitching and generally support each other to move the ball forward on entrepreneurialism in the disability space. Feel free to share the group and get people to join – the more the merrier!

We’re looking for entrepreneurs: the doers, thinkers, aspirers, creators, hackers and hustlers. Disability optional, but definitely a positive asset to bring to this group.

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